Bénédictine to replace Champagne as Man of the Match tipple at Burnley Football Club

Bene at Turf
Bene at Turf

Forget Champagne, a more fitting French drink will be the winning tipple for the Man of the Match at Turf Moor this season after Burnley Football Club teamed up with Bénédictine.

In a nod to the town's long-standing relationship with Bénédictine, Burnley Football Club has signed up the French liqueur brand to create the Bénédictine Man of the Match.

The first presentation will take place tomorrow as the Clarets take on Southampton Football Club in the first home game of the season. Each Man of the Match will now receive a special edition bottle of Bénédictine, in place of the traditional champagne.

Turf Moor currently holds the title of the only football ground in the United Kingdom to supply the ‘golden nectar’. A Béné and Hot is a popular half time tipple with match goers, with Burnley football fans going through over 1,500 bottles last season alone, approximately 30 bottles a match.

Anthony Fairclough, Director of Commercial Affairs at Burnley Football Club, said: “Bénédictine is one of our most popular match day drinks, so the club is thrilled to be partnering with the brand for our Man of the Match presentations.

"We’ve been selling Béné and Hot on the terraces for over a century now, so this feels like a fitting and unique way to commemorate our town’s history with the liqueur.”

The nearby Burnley Miners' Club in Plumbe Street is currently recognised as one of the world’s biggest sellers of the liqueur in the world.

Bénédictine is well-loved in Burnley thanks to its strong connection to the East Lancashire Regiment. Soldiers from the regiment were stationed at the birthplace of the liqueur in Fécamp, Normandy, and drank it with hot water to keep warm in the trenches during the First World War.

The regiment loved the drink so much that they brought it home with them once the war ended – the region has been enjoying Bénédictine ever since.

Philippe Jouhaud, marketing director for Bénédictine liqueur, said: “Over the years, we have enjoyed incredible support from Burnley Football Club. We’re proud to bring about the first ever Bénédictine Man of the Match, and hope the team enjoy their limited edition prizes.

"There is no better way to thank the club for its loyal patronage for 100 years and counting. I hope fans will be raising a Béné and Hot in celebration of a home win this weekend!”