Burnley bridegroom gets behind the wheel to lead fleet of trucks to the church to say 'I do'

A convoy of eight articulated trucks took Danny Marshall to his wedding ... with the bridegroom at the helm!

Monday, 2nd August 2021, 3:45 pm

Danny was at the wheel of the tractor truck as the convoy made its way to the wedding to his sweetheart, Lynn Curtis, at St John the Divine Church in Cliviger.

Beeping their horns all the way through Burnley family and friends lined the route to see the spectacle. And several onlookers were stopped in their tracks at the unusual sight.

Head technician at EFS Global in Burnley for over 20 years, the truck was the first choice of transport for Danny (44). And Mark Jones, the owner of EFS Global, agreed to loan the vehicles for the big day.

A beaming Danny and Lynn after their wedding at St John the Divine Church in Cliviger

But Danny managed to keep it secret from Lynn, who arrived at the church in a vintage Rolls Royce.

Lynn said: "I stepped out of the car and saw the trucks lined up. I had no idea Danny was planning that."

Although a traditional white wedding, which included the couple's pet Rottweiler Lola dressed in a tutu and Danny's two other sons, Daniel and Ash, among the guests, their rodeo themed reception at Burnley Rugby Club had a surprise twist.

For Danny and Lynn joined forces with their DJ to prank guests into believing his equipment had failed during their first dance. But as the guests looked on in shock, the band the couple had booked for their celebration struck up and began to play the couple's song Thunderstruck by AC/DC.

The truck convoy, with Danny leading the way, sets off for the wedding

And as a special surprise, Danny's son Jamie (21) was playing electric guitar with Cheap. He played alongside lead guitarist Phil Leck who came over from Holland specially for the wedding.

Lynn said: "It was funny to see all the guests looking and shaking their heads as the DJ kept apologising.

"He then looked to the band and said 'can you help me out?' and that's when they started playing.

"We had it all planned out and it went beautifully."

Bridegroom Danny with his son Jamie in front of the convoy of trucks

The couple, who live in Great Harwood, met on a night out in Burnley in 2017 and it was love at first sight when Lynn declared the moment she saw him that Danny would be the man she married.

Danny with the couple's pet Rottweiler Lola in her wedding tutu
Lynn with her bridesmaids Lisa Tennant and Zoe Copper