Desperate search for missing Ribble Valley dog Bailey


A depserate search is still ongoing for a missing whippet from the Ribble Valley.

Distraught owner Louise Burgess is hoping the power of social media will help to locate her beloved Bailey who went missing from Chatburn, near Clitheroe, on Monday, September 16th.

Bailey's plight has captured the hearts of local people, with many taking part in searches of surrounding areas since Louise set up a missing page on Facebook for her cream coloured whippet.

A desperate Louise said: "Bailey went missing on her walk on Monday September 16th. She was almost at Chatburn, heading from Westbradford bridge close to the River Ribble. We are worried sick. There have been no sightings. We have had a drone over the quarry and there is no sign of her.

"We have had no confirmed sightings, only a couple of possible sightings. We are desperate to get her back and have been trying to raise her profile. In fact she has become a social media star and a bit of a local celebrity.

"I was hoping the Clitheroe Advertiser readers could help us be reunited with our much loved family pet.

"I am running out of ideas and feel totally helpless. She is a cream whippet with a white stripe on her nose. She is friendly but can be shy with strangers."

If anyone has seen Bailey they can call Louise on 07449 909655.