Husky training track gets go-ahead in Pendle

John Duxbury is pulled along with two of his huskies.
John Duxbury is pulled along with two of his huskies.

A Husky training track is set to come to Pendle - becoming the first of its kind in Lancashire.

Members of soon-to be-charity Sibes and Sled Dogs Husky Welfare have been left delighted after their proposals for land next to Barrowford Locks were given the green light.

Councillors on Pendle Council’s Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee approved plans to change the use of the land to a site for exercising dogs on Thursday night. This will include the formation of a car park, a 1.8m wide exercise track and an off-lead compound with 1.8m high fencing.

It will give owners the chance to ride rigs or scooters pulled by their Husky at speeds exceeding 25mph.

Former builder Mr Duxbury (54), of Brentwood Road, Nelson, said: “We are over the moon - absolutely ecstatic.

“I put ‘100% approval’ on Facebook straight after the meeting and we had over 300 likes and congratulations.

“It is a big thing for a small rescue to achieve what we have achieved, as money is not easy to come by these days. We have had a record year, with 11 adoptions over Christmas believe it or not. Things are looking promising.”

It is expected work will be completed ready for the start of the season in September.

Money raised from the exhilirating experience will be put towards building £500,000 kennels.

Six letters of objection had been sent to Pendle Council, citing increased traffic on unsuitable roads, noise pollution from dogs, loss of wildlife from the site and concerns about disposal of dog waste.

Despite these concerns, councillors were recommended to approve the application with appropriate conditions attached concerning hours of use and the collection and disposal of faeces and other waste produce.