New neighbourhood plan for Colne is proposed

A panorama shot of Colne (s)
A panorama shot of Colne (s)
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Colne Town Council has registered its intention to create a neighbourhood plan which could be the first in Lancashire.

A four week public consultation on the specified area will run until November 11th and there will be a local planning authority review for the area designation.

A map of the proposed area for the Colne Neighbourhood Plan (s)

A map of the proposed area for the Colne Neighbourhood Plan (s)

The fresh idea comes months after a proposed neighbourhood plan for the eastern edge of Colne and rural villages was shelved when Trawden Forest Parish Council voted unanimously to pull out of discussions and go it alone.

The town council say the new Colne Neighbourhood Plan is in line with the government’s approach to planning, which aims to give local people a more proactive say about how their area develops, and the proposed area for Colne includes the town centre, residential districts and a large swathe of the surrounding countryside.

Coun. Sarah Cockburn-Price, Chairman of Colne Town Council, said: “Councillors are strongly motivated to prepare a sustainable and deliverable plan that protects and enhances Colne for the years to come.

“We want to be able to welcome investment and growth, while ensuring that our heritage and precious countryside that together make Colne deserve its ‘Bonnie Colne-on-the-Hill’ moniker are fully recognised and protected for the next generation of Colners.”

The plan’s steering group has identified several likely key areas of focus for the plan, many of which flow down from and support Pendle’s Core Strategy.

These include:

∙ Sustainable housing developments in appropriate locations, mindful of the settlement hierarchy, but sensitively designed and built, with enhanced infrastructure and the ability to be offered for sale at affordable prices for local people;

∙ Preserving and enhancing conservation areas, heritage assets, landscapes and rural/semi-rural character;

∙ Promoting local and rural economies and community resources;

∙ Promoting recreation, leisure and wellbeing initiatives to be attractive to residents and visitors.

There will be regular communications issued and consultation events held over the next couple of years to update on progress made, future plans and activities and how local residents can get involved.

There will also be a dedicated section on the Colne Town Council website at

The Neighbourhood Plan has become a standing item on the town council’s monthly summons.

Each ward within Colne is represented by a councillor on the separate Neighbourhood Plan Working Group: Vivary – Coun. Joe Cooney; Horsfield – Coun. Neil Butterworth; Waterside – Coun. Graham Roach and Lidgett – Coun. Sarah Cockburn-Price.