Pendleside Hospice visiting restrictions eased for end-of-life patients

Pendleside Hospice has eased the restrictions on visiting end-of-life patients enabling family and friends to say their farewells as long as they pass a Covid-19 test on entry.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:30 pm
Pendleside Hospice has eased the restrictions on visiting end-of-life patients

But for patients who are in the hospice for symptom control or respite care the number of visitors is still restricted to five people who are nominated when the patient is admitted.

In recent weeks, as the lockdown restrictions have eased and vaccination and testing have increased, both nursing staff and volunteer receptionists have received concerns by some families regarding the restrictions on visiting.

However, while the hospice would like to open its door to less stringent visiting arrangements, it has to continue to abide by Government regulations on the number of visitors patients who are allowed at any one time and ensure testing of visitors before a visit being allowed.

Helen McVey, chief executive at Pendleside said: “It has been a particularly challenging year balancing our patient care delivery with the recommended visitor restrictions. As lockdown measures have eased over recent weeks it is noticeable that people are finding our restrictions burdensome.

“We must, however, remember that the pandemic isn’t over and it is important that we continue to show the duty of care to our staff and patients by continuing to abide by the visitor guidance. We have an obligation to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and visitors at all times.

“The restrictions go against what our normal standards of care would be, all patients being allowed as many visitors as they may wish, and we find them particularly debilitating.

"We recognise though, that there is light at the end of the tunnel and ask that people continue to follow the visitor guidelines as detailed on our website until such a time that government guidance allows us to open our doors more freely.”