Platinum Brierfield couple celebrate 70 years of marriage

A platinum Brierfield couple are celebrating 70 years of marriage today.

Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 3:25 pm
Brierfield couple Herbert and Olive Hall are marking their 70th wedding anniversary today. (s)
Brierfield couple Herbert and Olive Hall are marking their 70th wedding anniversary today. (s)

Herbert and Olive Hall, of Clifton Road, will mark seven decades since they were married on May 14th, 1949, with a family party.

Their youngest daughter, Debra Hall, said: "I think it's fantastic. Who'd have believed it? It's amazing, isn't it? They're just an inspiration."

The childhood sweethearts (both 90) met in a cinema queue when they were 16-years-old. After the Blitz, the couple were wed at St Philip's Church in Nelson at 20-years-old and Olive moved from Liverpool to Pendle to be with Herbert.

Herbert and Olive Hall (both 20) on their wedding day on May 14th, 1949, at St Philip's Church in Nelson. (s)

The pair also have a second daughter, Lynda Horsfield and a son, Geoffrey Hall, as well as five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. And their first great-great-grandchild is due next month.

"They've always been very positive, supportive parents. As children they took us on holidays to Cornwall and trips to the Yorkshire Dales. We were always doing things together. Our family life was a strong foundation for a good marriage," Debra said.

And their passion for travel and adventure has remained with the couple throughout their marriage.

Debra added: "They've travelled the world together. They've been to New Zealand, Africa, America and Malta. Mum came from a big family that's spread out, with some living in New Zealand."

But despite travelling so far away, Debra said her parents have always been active members of their community. After serving in the Navy, Herbert managed ASDA in Colne for 20 years when it opened and was a mayor of Brierfield, for which he was invited to the Queen's garden parties.

The couple also ran Elim Pentecostal Church into their 80s and now attend Central Methodist Church in Nelson.

"They've had quite a varied life and have always been involved in community matters and cared about local issues," Debra said.

"I work with that generation. They've lived through hard times because of the Blitz and austerity during the war. Mum was evacuated to North Wales and she couldn't speak the same language. They didn't have the same opportunities that we do but they inspired us to do the best we could.

"Everybody used to club together in those days. It was an era of 'mend and make do'. They had to work hard to bring up us children. But they stuck together. They've had their ups and downs but they kept at it."