The wheels are in motion for Pendle man's Guinness World record attempt!

Civil engineer Craig Holden is on the highway to becoming a World record-holder.

Thursday, 5th August 2021, 10:59 am
Updated Thursday, 5th August 2021, 11:00 am
Craig Holden

The Lancashire County Council employee, 49, has been enthralled by the Guinness Book of Records — and all its weird and wonderful entries — since childhood.

The former resident of Barrowford, who relocated to Waddington via Winewall, now shares that passion with twin sons Ethan and Lucas (11).

After getting their competitive juices flowing by watching coverage of the Tokyo Olympics, the trio began flicking through pages of the latest edition of the famous manual.

Craig Holden

And that is when a typically throwaway suggestion suddenly snowballed into something much more ambitious. “I always used to own editions of the Guinness Book of Records growing up,” he said.

“Now my twins are the same. They’re mad keen on sport; they’d been up all night watching the Olympics.

“I was reading through the Guinness Book of Records with my boys at bedtime and they just asked me if I would consider attempting a world record. They’d initially asked if they could do one themselves. It went from there.”

The cycling enthusiast, a member of the Barnoldswick Clarion Club, spends a considerable chunk of his spare time challenging the ‘king of the mountain’ and ‘local legends’ tabs on Strava.

However, he was unable to find anything to sink his teeth into when it came to breaking records on a bike. Instead, the former Mansfield High School pupil opted for an alternative form of two-wheeled transportation, one that was more suited to his boys’ favourite past-time.

He said: “I’ve always done a lot of cycling. I had played hockey for around 20 years for Rossendale but my body started to tell me that I was getting too old for it. I needed to keep the competitive element in my life.

“I tried running and going to the gym, but it just wasn’t the same. I was craving that competitive outlet. I found that with cycling and Strava. I was going out on my bike three or four times a week and attempting the ‘king of the mountain’ and ‘local legends’ sections on the app.

“But they’re always on their scooters at the skate park in Clitheroe so I wanted to link it up with that. I started to do a bit of research online, but there wasn’t really anything for regular scooters. That’s when I came across these racing scooters.”

The father-of-two – who took part in the Florida Marathon after working at a wildlife refuge in South Miami during a 15-month voyage across the globe – sourced a version of the human-powered vehicle required for his record-breaking attempt from a company in London.

Now official witnesses and time-keepers from British Athletics will monitor his performance at Seedhill on August 20th at 7pm as he looks to set the fastest mile and the most distance covered in an hour.

“I looked into it and ended up purchasing one from a company called OP Scooters based in London,” he confirmed. “It has opened my eyes to the level of fitness involved. I thought I’d just be able to turn up and give it a go but you’re operating with totally different body mechanics.

“I’m having to do a lot of strength work on my legs, which I’ve been building up with squats, lunges and other weighted exercises. It’s been a really good project that has helped me connect with my boys.

“It’s something we can all do together. They’ve loved it as well and I’m sure they’ll be bringing their own scooters down on the day.”