Video: Did this former Army chef manage to claim a gravy drinking world record for Lancashire?

Andy Gray with his litre of gravy
Andy Gray with his litre of gravy

When it comes to gravy, no-one does it better than northerners - a fact proven by former Army chef Andy Gray, who hopes to have set a new world record by downing a litre of gravy in record time.

Proud Lancastrian Andy, who admits he loves a good Sunday roast smothered in gravy, was aghast when he discovered that an American currently holds the Guinness world record for drinking a litre of gravy, Steven Ruppel who managed the feat in one minute 12.5 seconds in Wisconsin on April 25th, 2018.

So the former Army chef who used to make gravy for 800 squaddies, decided to get back in training and attempt to smash the record.

Andy, who works for Utility Renewals in Barrowford, is also raising money for the company's two corporate charities, Help for Homeless Veterans and Cancer Research.

An attempt in March, completed in just 56 seconds, was sadly ruled null and void by the Guinness Book of Records bigwigs because Andy was not static and did not have two synchronised stopwatches.

So the father-of-one called on the Burnley Express to come along and film the whole process from start to finish, including the methodical measuring of 12 teaspoons of Bisto granules to one litre of water. And, as our video proves, Andy did finish, quaffing the gravy in a world record 59.02 seconds.

Andy (49) said: "Who doesn't love gravy? I do, and so I thought it would be a good idea to try and gain a world record while doing something I enjoy and raising money for charity.

"I will now send the video off as evidence to the Guinness World Records team and hope this time it will be accepted as official. East Lancashire has to have a gravy-related world champion."

And while Andy normally loves the brown stuff, he admits the "tepid" temperature of his gravy was not the nicest to get down.

"It was tough going. It didn't go down very well because it was pretty cold. However, I didn't get to my size by throwing up."

Andy also admitted he has more reasons than most for wanting to raise money for the two charities. A veteran of the first Gulf War, three tours of Northern Ireland, and Kosovo with the UN, Andy developed post-traumatic stress disorder and ended up homeless for a short time after leaving the Army.

His boss at Utility Renewals, Ryan Hague, is also a director of Colne FC, which has seen one of their players battle cancer.

Andy added: "Both these charities are very personal to me and Ryan. We have already done sponsored bike rides in the last couple of years and overall we've raised around £1,500. I think the gravy drinking was tougher than than the bicycle rides though!"