Photos: Tories remain largest party on Pendle Council

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The Conservatives remain the largest party on Pendle Council after last week’s elections.

They have 19 seats, Labour has 18, the Liberal Democrats have 11 and the British National Party has one.

Ballot box

Ballot box

The Tories gained a seat from the Liberal Democrats and lost one to Labour in Reedley, where long-serving Pauline McCormick was defeated by Yasser Iqbal by just 37 votes.

The results mean that, for the 19th time, no one party has overall control of the council.

The Conservatives’ gain came in Coates Ward, Barnoldswick, where 18-year-old Lyle Davy defeated sitting Liberal Democrat Lindsay Gaskell to become one of the youngest councillors in the country.

Elsewhere, sole BNP councillor Brian Parker was returned for a third term in Marsden Ward, Nelson, in a close-run three-way contest with a majority of just six votes.

Full results were:

Barrowford: Christopher Jowett (Con) 716; Mark Porter (Lab) 361; Mick Waddington (UKIP) 325; Gavin Roper (LD) 195.

Boulsworth: Sarah Cockburn-Price (Con) 647; Graham Cannon (UKIP) 359; Robert Oliver (Lab) 261; Heather Greaves (LD) 201.

Bradley: Mohammed Iqbal (Lab) 1,218; Tony Leather (UKIP) 350; Bermard Variyam (Con) 151; Irfan Ahmed (LD) 93.

Brierfield: Mohammed Arshad (Lab) 1,142; Mohammed Abdullah (Con) 354; Nadeem Akbar (LD) 73.

Clover Hill: Kathleen Shore (Lab) 660; Ben Robinson (UKIP) 309; Janice Taylor (Con) 203; Waseem Asghar (LD) 72.

Coates: Lyle Davy (Con) 700; Lindsay Gaskell (LD) 651; Lynn Harrison (Lab) 170; Kieron Hartley (Blue) 89.

Craven: David Whipp (LD) 761; Mike Thompson (Con) 352; Dorothy Baxter (UKIP) 261; Denzil Metcalfe (Lab) 140; Natasha Harris (Blue) 24.

Earby: Mike Goulthorp (Con) 734; David Byrne (Lab) 453; James Jackman (Blue) 353; Doris Haigh (LD) 226.

Horsfield: Neil Butterworth (Con) 619; Malcolm Birks (Lab) 372; James Kerrigan (LD) 320.

Marsden: Brian Parker (BNP) 339; Neil McGowan (Con) 333; Yvonne Tennant (Lab) 312; Christine Stables (UKIP) 154.

Reedley:Yasser Iqbal (Lab) 1,170; Pauline McCormick (Con) 1.133; Jackie Grunsell (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 64; Kamran Anwar (LD) 49.

Southfield: Mohammed Ammer (Lab) 769; Saanval Safir (Con) 394; James Wood (LD) 240.

Vivary Bridge: David Clegg (LD) 565; Glenn Stock (Con) 319; Russell Tennant (Lab) 313; John Rowe (BNP) 154.

Walverden: Julie Henderson (Lab) 751; Asghar Ali (LD) 341; Peter Wilson (Con) 178.

Waterside: Dorothy Lord (LD) 720; David Johns (Lab) 286; Jonny Nixon (Con) 177.

Whitefield: Asjad Mahmood (Lab) 997; Imran Waheed (LD) 194; Margaret Beckett (Con) 89.