Poison fish alert issued by trading standards

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Lancashire’s Trading Standards officers and Environmental Health officers have issued a warning over an imported tinned fish product called Mas-River Fried Dace with Salted Black Beans.

Imported from Malaysia, this product is being recalled as it has been found to contain high levels of histamine which can cause scombrotoxic fish poisoning.

It contains a chemical produced within the fish caused by bacteria. Scombrotoxic fish poisoning is linked to eating fish from the family that includes tuna, mackerel, and herring.

The poisoning is caused when fish and fish products are not refrigerated correctly. Warmer temperatures allow bacteria to multiply and produce a chemical called histamine at levels that can make people ill when it is eaten. Cooking the fish will not destroy histamine. Symptoms are similar to those of an allergic reaction - they include skin rash, low blood pressure, vomiting and diarrhoea. Symptoms also include headaches, dizziness, palpitations, and abdominal cramps.

They can occur as quickly as 10 minutes after eating the affected fish and may be serious enough to require urgent medical attention, although they are usually resolved within 24 hours.

A recall of the affected batch has been carried out by the UK importer Oriental Merchant (Europe) Ltd. Product recall notices have been issued to stores that sell the product, explaining why it has been recalled and instructing them to remove it from the shelves.

Only this specific product is affected. Consumers can continue to eat other fish products without cause for concern.

Consumers who have already purchased the affected product, should return it to the shop that they purchased it from for a full refund.