Police and council take on Colne ‘street of hell’

Cleveland Street which has been branded as "the street from hell" by one if its residents.
Cleveland Street which has been branded as "the street from hell" by one if its residents.
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Hard-hitting measures are due to be enforced on Colne residents who have been making the lives of their neighbours “hell”.

Police and Pendle Council are currently working on tackling anti-social behaviour in Cleveland Street, which a resident has said includes noise nuisance, fights and, in the most severe case, a man brandishing a 10 to 12in. knife in broad daylight.

According to one local, police attend the street nearly every day, and residents have been left frightened and unable to sleep. It is also claimed a car window has been smashed and swearing in the area is “disgusting”.

The resident, who revealed problems have been on-going since December, said: “We dread weekends more than anything.

“My partner had just gone to bed one night and we heard this commotion and slapping, and when we looked out of our window there were about 30 people on the street - it’s frightening.

“It is the street from hell. Some nights we don’t sleep at all.

“There is swearing, which is disgusting around little children.”

Sgt Kim De Curtis said: “I can confirm the neighbourhood policing team are working on issues in Cleveland Street, Colne, at the moment in conjunction with residents.

“The residents have contact details of the community beat officer, PCSO and police anti-social behaviour caseworker who has been working with them and have been contacting them to provide evidence into our processes.”

And Coun. David Whipp, Executive member for community safety, added:“This has been a particularly complex case and Pendle Council is working with the Police Anti-Social Behaviour Casework Manager to put a permanent stop to the issues in Cleveland Street.

“Until then, we will continue to work alongside the police to support and protect the victims of this atrocious behaviour.”

As well as raising the issue of Cleveland Street, the resident has argued police cutbacks have meant months of waiting for a resolution, and hours of being put on hold during 999 and 101 calls. He also slammed Pendle Council for “making residents do their job” by filling out diaries, and ringing out-of-office numbers.

He said: “The police are doing something about it, but when I have dialled 999 I have been on hold for two minutes, and when I ring 101 I can be on hold for between 20 to 40 minutes. They have been really good, but it is a slow process.

“With the council, we can’t be doing their job for them all the time - we have given up as they are just wanting more and more from us all the time. I think the powers-that-be should be nipping this in the bud straight away.”

Coun. Whipp added: “I can appreciate how infuriating it has been for residents and would like to thank them for working with us on this.”