Police hunt for two men following Trawden break-in attempt

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Offenders who left behind a vehicle full of suspected stolen property after being apprehended by Trawden residents are being hunted by police.

At around 9-10pm on Tuesday night, occupiers of a Trawden house were disturbed by two men trying to break into their shed where a motorcycle was stored.

The offenders had travelled to the attacked premises in their own vehicle.

The occupiers managed to initially apprehend the offenders and prevent them from leaving in their vehicle. But the offenders eventually made their escape and police were called.

A search was launched and the police helicopter was utilised - but the men were not found.

Sgt Kim De Curtis said: “The offenders left behind their vehicle which was full of suspected stolen property and other items which has given us lots of lines of enquiry to carry on with the investigation.

“We can confirm that none of the occupiers, neighbours or police were injured in this incident.”