Police warning after three transit vans stolen in Colne

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Pendle police have issued a warning after three Ford transit vans were stolen in three consecutive nights.

Sgt Kim De Curtis took to the Colne and West Craven Facebook page to advise owners of all vehicles to consider using security measures, including wheel locks, following the spate in Colne.

She said: “The vehicles were stolen without keys and all taken in the early evening.

“It is believed the thieves are well organised and employ a new hi-tech approach to electronically bypass security measures and ignition immobilisers.

“Owners of ALL vehicles may be vulnerable to this kind of theft... [and] steering wheel locks, pedal box locks and wheel clamps are useful in preventing theft.

“Whilst these are capable of being defeated by a determined thief, they will usually discourage them and may prevent your vehicle from being stolen.”

Suspicious activity can be reported by ringing 101 (non-emergency) or 999 (emergency).