Liberal Democrats leading the way on Colne Town Council

Ten newly elected Liberal Democrat councillors are looking forward to taking over the reins at Colne Town Council after winning a majority of seats at the elections on May 2nd.

Monday, 13th May 2019, 11:30 am
Colne Town Council

The composition of the council is now ten Liberal Democrats and seven Conservatives after the Liberals gained three seats from the Conservatives by winning all five seats in both Vivary Bridge and Waterside.

The Liberals have decided to nominate Coun. Mary Thomas as the chairman of the town council for the coming year, with Coun. David Clamp as vice-chairman. Coun. Clamp has returned to the council after a gap of eight years.

Coun. Mary Thomas emphasised that the Liberals want the council to operate in an inclusive way with members of both parties working constructively together on the committees and working groups, in the interest of Colne as a whole.

She said: “In the past four years there have been some ‘passengers’ on the council who did not play a full part and often did not attend. In the new council we want everyone to play a full role – that’s what we have all been elected to do.”

She added that a top priority this coming year is to take over the ownership and management of Alkincoats Park from Pendle, to look after the park properly and keep it safe for future generations. She also said that the Liberals hoped and intended that the years of massive increases in the town council portion of the council tax were at an end.

She added: “Our new councillors are enthusiastic and keen to make a difference. We will work together with everyone who has the interests of our town at heart.”