Praise for Lancashire police at scene of London riots

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LOCAL police who travelled to London to help restore order in the capital during the riots have returned.

A total of 76 officers from Lancashire were called upon to assist the overstretched Metropolitan Police Force and were deployed to points in and around Lambeth, Brixton and Oxford Street.

Chief constable Steve Finnigan said: “Without a shadow of a doubt, police officers have shown incredible bravery and professionalism during the disorder, including officers from Lancashire.

“I am extremely proud of my officers and grateful to everyone who has played a part in policing recent events. That includes the officers who have been deployed directly to the front-line in London and Manchester, as well as those working to reassure local communities here.

“It also includes members of our Special Constabulary who have demonstrated once again their firm commitment to supporting their regular colleagues and to keeping communities safe.

“Their assistance has been invaluable, so I extend my thanks to them, along with all our other officers and staff.

“Understandably there has been some concern among some of our communities during this time and I would like to reassure those people we are committed to keeping Lancashire safe.

“We are not complacent and should any kind of related incident occur in Lancashire, we will deal with it quickly and firmly as criminality and violence of the kind seen elsewhere will not be tolerated in the county.”