Praise for record breaking students

Pendle Vale College awards evening
Pendle Vale College awards evening
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PUPILS at Pendle Vale College, Nelson, who helped the school make history last year were praised at the annual awards evening.

Last year saw 51% of students at the Oxford Road college attain five or more A*-C passes in GCSE examinations, including English and mathematics - the first time the college has achieved that level.

And headteacher Steve Wilson told those at the presentation: “Reaching over 50% is a huge psychological barrier to pass through and last year’s Year 11 are the first to do it. We thought you were good, but we didn’t realise you were this good

“It is also wonderful to see Bes Dennis , the Progress and Development Leader for the five years these young people were with us, joining us in this evening of celebration. Bes retired in the summer after many years of loyal and dedicated service. Talk about going out on a high.

“The people who however probably deserve the biggest praise of all are the young people who have crossed the stage tonight.

“The people who have demonstrated through their hard work, dedication, motivation and commitment that they are truly worthy of a gold medal!

“They have made us all very proud and have brought huge credit upon themselves and also the college.”

Awards were presented by Tracey Neville, mother of footballers Gary and Phil Neville and herself an England international netball player.

Pupils winning awards were as follows:

English/Media: Year 7, Anna Stephenson; Year 8, Lidija Jefimovs-Lambrou; Year 9, Chloe Livesey; Year 10, Maija Jefimovs-Lambrou. Expressive arts: Year 7, Chloe Craig; Year 8, Natalie Whittaker; Year 9, Breeze Bowker; Year 10, Harry Howe.

Geography: Year 7, Matthew Heap; Year 8, Qurratulain Mehmood; Year 9, Syed-Ashir Sajid. Guidance: Year 7, Romy Goddard; Year 8, Jamal Arif; Year 9, Molly Green; Year 10, Usman Akram.

History: Year 7, Amaan Warsi; Year 8, Rehman Ali; Year 9, Iram Sajid; Year 10, Lauren Downing. ICT: Year 7, Saima Hussain; Year 8, Lidija Jefimovs-Lambrou; Year 9, Subhaan Shabbir; Year 10, Maija Jefimovs-Lambrou.

Maths: Year 7, Anna Stephenson; Year 8, Simra Ahmed; Year 9, Jamie Sharples; Year 10, Tyler Baxter. MFL: Year 7, Naima Rashid; Year 8, Waqar Ali; Year 9, Bethany Firmin; Year 10, Olliver Jackson.

PE: Year 7, Naima Rashid; Year 8, Charlie Lord; Year 9, Holly Mayor; Year 10, Lauren Downing. RS: Year 7, Saima Hussain; Year 8, Charlie Lord; Year 9, Sarah Hillier; Year 10, Usman Butt.

Science: Year 7, Samuel Alker; Year 8, Charlotte Rigby; Year 9, Hashaam Khan; Year 10, Olliver Jackson. Technology: Year 7, Harisah Shah; Year 8, Mohammad Abdullah; Year 9, Holly Mayor; Year 10, Talha Abbas.


Year 7: Samuel Alker (for commitment and achievement); Zoe Parkinson (for achievement over and above expectations); Romy Goddard (for perseverance and positive commitment).

Year 8: Callum Hale, Darab Khan and Louise Gaiger (all for contribution to college life).

Year 9: Syed-Ashir Sajid (continued commitment to form, sports and general initiatives to support whole college); Zameer Ejaz an d Molly Green (continued hard work and progress).

Year 10: Liam Roseden (for services to the community and for his achievement of young volunteer of the year); Francesca Parkinson and Abdul Quyyum (both for commitment to college).


Art: Saba Shafaq; Child Care: Zoe Hartley; Catering: Hannah Livesey; Drama: Jessica Balderstone; Engineering: Joshua Green; English Language: Aimee Smith; English Literature: Billie Howorth; Food Technology: Iffhat Arshad; French: Melissa Woods; German: Hannah Blake; Graphics: Jason O’hara; Health and Social Care: Ameena Bibi; History: Anham Din; ICT: Rebecca Waddington; Mathematics: Rizwaan Daar; Media Studies: Ameena Bibi; Music: Billie Howorth; Physical Education: Mitchell Dutton; Religious Studies: Muhammed Aqil;

Resistant Materials: Hassan Farid; Science: Qamer Ilyas; Statistics: Andleeb Shah; Textiles: Courtenay Ward; Travel & Tourism: Hayley Lord.


Shannon Morgan and Luke Parkinson.


Margaret Peel Rose Bowl for Good Sportsmanship: Samantha Widdup; Rodney Beveridge Cup for Good Sportsmanship: Luke Parkinson; Susan David Memorial Trophy for Music: Jade Brett; Paul Watson ICT Prize: James Boult; The Drama Cup (sponsored by Pendle Leisure Trust): Hannah Blake; Friends of Pendle Vale Prize for Community Service: Kerryann Farmer; Marian Smith Trophy for Service to the School: Chelsie Richardson; Nelson and Colne College Outstanding Progress Award: Sheryar Zakir; Jennifer Caton Prize for the best GCSE results Muhammed Aqil.