Prayers for the persecuted

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TWENTY Pakistani Catholics from Nelson, including British-born Vincent Masih, travelled down to London for a fantastic event.

Aid to the Church in Need, which is a Catholic charity, invited them to Westminster Cathedral in London for A Night of Witness, Prayer, Reflection, Songs and Music to celebrate them coming together to defend the Christians who are persecuted all around the world.

Mr Masih said: “It truly was an uplifting and very moving event, as we heard different accounts of Christians being persecuted throughout the world in countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, India and Nigeria, to name a few.

“This is a cause really close to my heart, as we all still have family and friends who live in Pakistan that have the threat of persecution hanging over them.

“My dream is that they get to live in peace among other religions in Pakistan, as we have the beauty of living here in England.

“We all truly loved being there together in prayer, and it was a great honour for us Pakistani Catholics to carry the Cross at the front of the procession, leading a crowd of more than 1,000 into Mass, and to pray the Rosary.”

He added: “May I take this opportunity to thank all the Pakistani Christian congregation in Nelson and Burnley for their prayers, Wilson Chowdhry, head of the British Pakistani Christian Association, for joining us and John Pontifex and John Newton from Aid to The Church in Need for inviting us to such a prestigious event.”