Probus Club names new president

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Pendleside Probus Club members held their annual general meeting when new president Brian Ingham took over from John Morrell.

First, brief reports were heard from secretary Alan Walker, treasurer Joe Wilkinson, registrar Peter Hughes and retiring speakers secretary Keith Richardson.

Allan Walker was elected vice-president and Barry Hopkinson comes in as the new speakers secretary.

After remarks from the outgoing and incoming presidents, possibly the most significant item was a discussion and vote on the committee’s recommendation that the club should change venue.

The current base at Pendle Forest Sports Club is excellent, but can only be reached by climbing two flights of steep and narrow stairs.

The meeting heard that about seven possible alternatives had been assessed and costed by the committee and the unanimous choice was St Anne’s Church Hall in Fence.

After questioning and discussion, this was put to a vote.

Proposing, Ken Geddes said that he was originally very much against a move as he enjoyed the current venue.

However, the new meeting room would only be half a mile away on the village side of the bypass – and was accessed on the flat. Car parking was fairly similar.

Three members had dropped out in recent times because of the stairs and this was the crucial issue. After seconding by Barry Stubbs, a vote was for the move with four abstentions, two of whom were associated with the new premises but were in agreement.

An announcement will be made when a firm date for the transfer is set.