Rediffusion cables are ‘urgent problem’ in Barnoldswick

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Dilapidated rediffusion cables in Barnoldswick are an “urgent” problem according to a local councillor.

Chairman of Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee Coun. David Whipp has raised the issue of the danger the now redundant cables could bring to pedestrians on the streets.

The cables, which used to carry television signals to houses, have been described as being in a parlous condition.

A report to the West Craven Committee meeting be held on Tuesday states that there is no scheme currently in place which may provide for obligations to remove the cables.

It continues: “County council, as the highway authority, advises that it has a finite budget which is prioritised to ensure their statutory obligation of providing a safe highway.

“If the cables proved to be of immediate danger to the highway and highway users they (OFCOM) would act, but at this time there is no action they can take.”