Rescue after smoke hit a farmhouse

The blaze affecting the Colne farmhouse.
The blaze affecting the Colne farmhouse.

A large bonfire blaze on farmland in Colne affected the farmhouse next to it and firefighters had to rescue one person from the premises after being affected by smoke.

The farm is at the end of a long drive off Knotts Lane and two fire crews from Colne were called out at 9-16pm on Sunday and were there for hours dealing with it. Fire engines had to go back down from the farm to load more water on board.

The bonfire was burning lots of rubbish but smoke was being blown into the farmhouse nearby. There were moderate smoke effects on the ground and first floors, affecting nine rooms.

And one person was rescued by the fire service after being affected by all the smoke. Crews from other fire stations attended. The big flames could be seen from miles away.