Residents evacuated as blaze hits Nelson homes - PHOTOS

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A BLAZE has damaged a block of houses which is currently being restored and given a new lease of life.

The premises on Manchester Road, Nelson, were once the offices of Lambert’s timber yard but the first occupants were just moving in to the restored homes when the first started in the basement of one of the properties.

Manchester Road fire, distant scene.

Manchester Road fire, distant scene.

Tuesday morning’s fire occurred when builders were doing some grinding in the cellar. A spark from the grinder ignited fumes in the room and launched the fire.

But the workmen quickly got out and called the fire service. Two crews from Nelson and one from Colne attended the incident and rapidly tackled the fire. There was serious fire damage to the one room down below, but extensive smoke damage to the rest of the property.

Watch Manager Roy Edwards of Nelson Fire Station said firefighters in breathing apparatus went in to combat the fire, and used a jet and a hose reel in the basement. They also fought it from the front and when it was out they used a ventilation unit to clear the thick smoke.

Watch Manager Edwards said: “We were pleased we were able to get it under control quickly. The builders rang us straight away.”

Smoke had gone through into the newly-occupied house and the residents who were moving in evacuated because of it. But their home was not badly affected by the incident.

The block is being improved by Mr Naheem Younis, and his brother Nadeem Younis, a Pendle councillor, said: “We think there may be some damage to the kitchen as well as the basement, but just one of the six houses in the block was badly damaged. It was disappointing, but I was pleased the fire service responded quickly and a good service was provided by them.”