Residents warned as river at record high level in Barrowford

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The Environment Agency issued a flood alert in the Barrowford area today as Pendle Water in the Reedyford area reached a record high level.

It recorded water at a height of 3.44m at 4-45pm this evening. The previous high was recorded at 3.07m and flooding is possible once the river 1.66m.

Sandbags delivered to a property in Wilton Street, Barrowford

Sandbags delivered to a property in Wilton Street, Barrowford

Police and Environment Agency staff have been monitoring the situation, with Pendle Council delivering sand bags to those requesting help. Residents are being advised to "remain vigilant" by the authorities.

"I've never seen the river so high for at least 40 years," said one worried resident.

Elsewhere across Pendle there have been reports of severe flooding in Bracewell, as well as homes flooded in the Hibson Road area of Nelson. Roads through Foulridge are also reported to be under water and only passable with extreme caution, while the back roads between Barnoldswick and Barrowford are said to be almost impassable, with deep flooding.

Cars are reported to be submerged in flood water in Blacko (Beverley Road); Padiham bypass and the ford in Foulridge.



There are also reports of bad flooding on the M65 eastbound in Pendle, between junctions 13 and 14, leading to a lane closure.

Victoria Park in Nelson is also said to be underwater and cordoned off in areas to stop public access.