Revealed: North West passengers' top-eight worst habits in the car

Do you have one of these annoying habits?
Do you have one of these annoying habits?
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From the chatterbox to the human satnav, a new survey has revealed the North West's top eight most-annoying types of car passengers.

In an attempt to burrow down into what really winds people up when they're behind the wheel, have researched the biggest bugbears that drivers are forced to endure on the road at the hands of their most unwelcome companions.

Those who need no second invitation to crank up the tunes and have a sing-song themselves came out on top, followed by the backseat driver, those with weak bladders asking for constant pit-stops, and that person who's meant to be keeping you company but who just falls asleep almost immediately.

Coming in at number five is the chatterbox, followed by the human satnav, and the passenger who has just finished five-a-side and has worker up a certain aroma to them. Bringin up the rear in eighth-place is the nauseous one who no matter how placid the trip can never seem to keep their dinner down.

“Sometimes drivers have no choice but to ferry around the friends and family members who like to think they’re performing a headline act as soon they get into the car," said Tim Alcock of “From the one who won’t shut up to the one who won’t wake up, irritating company can be one of the biggest downsides to holding a driving licence.

“And chances are you probably fall into one or two of these categories too!" he added.