Road safety on the agenda

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Conservative county councillor for Brierfield and Reedley Christian Wakeford met up with local officials to discuss ways of making the very busy Colne Road through the towns much more safe.

The road is notorious for dangerous driving, with young drivers racing each other at high speeds.

The meeting, organised by County Coun. Wakeford, also consisted of Coun. Pauline McCormick, highways manager Simon Bucknell, Alan Capstick of Lancashire County Council and a representative from Lancashire Constabulary.

The police have agreed to increase their presence along the stretch of road and will also be using unmarked cars to catch dangerous drivers.

The police are aware of a number of dangerous drivers in the area and are building up a case against them.

The county council is also playing its part in making the road much safer.

Mr Bucknell said: “We’re putting the road on to the road safety task list, and we will be altering the traffic lights so that, at night time, red lights will be the default – meaning traffic will be forced to slow down.”

And County Coun. Wakeford said: “I’m pleased with the progress we’re making here. The road is dangerous and I have received many complaints from local residents.

“The message is clear that, if you are going to drive dangerously through Reedley and Brierfield, you will get caught.”

So, hopefully, the action will reduce the possibility of serious accidents which could result in both critical injuries and fatalities. It could mean many people appear before Pennine magistrates.