Roller shutters ‘not acceptable’

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News just in...

Roller shutters over windows in shop units currently under renovation in the centre of the town would create a “fortress like” effect, says a planning officer in a report to Pendle Council’s Nelson Committee on Monday.

The Mayan Partnership, which is currently working on a large-scale refurbishment of the former Woolworths/Burtons unit in Scotland Road and Leeds Road, has applied to install replacement shop fronts, including slotted roller shutters.

And while planning officer Alex Cameron says the replacement shop fronts themselves are acceptable, provided appropriate matching stone is used in new pillars, the type of shutters proposed are not.

He says: “The proposed security shutters would, when closed, have a stark, unattractive appearance which would create a fortress like effect in the street scene in this part of the centre.

“Those proposed on the refurbished building on Leeds Road would be particularly visually inappropriate as they would project higher up the building, above the fascia over the entrance.

“External security shutters will not normally be acceptable within Conservation Areas. Where there is no alternative to external security shutters, lattice type shutters are encouraged.

“The proposed security shutters, for which there is no specific justification, would adversely impact upon the character and appearance of Whitefield Conservation Area and the visual amenity of this part of Nelson town centre.”