Row over West Craven school governor’s election leaflet

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THERE have been calls for a Barnoldswick school governor to resign after an argument over the use of a photograph on an election flier.

An image of County Coun. Keith Bailey with two pupils at West Craven High Technology College was printed on leaflets distributed in the run-up to Pendle Council’s election, in which he stood as a candidate.

Coun. David Whipp, who represents Craven Ward, said it was highly inappropriate and “utterly inexcusable”. He said: “Mr Bailey should resign as a governor of the school. This is a serious breach of trust in his position as a member of the governing body, the very group of people responsible for overseeing that pupils are safeguarded.”

Coun. Bailey said he was told that the parents had given their permission. He said: “It is common practice in schools for parents who are not comfortable with their children being photographed, to have their child excluded from such photos. Coun. Whipp said one of the children’s parents were unhappy with their picture being used, so I stopped distributing it. The photo was simply to illustrate a good news story about West Craven High.”

Headteacher Arnold Kuchartschuk said the photograph had been taken when senior members of Lancashire County Council accompanied Coun. Bailey on a tour of the school. He said: “At the end it was natural to take a photograph but when we passed it to Keith, we had no idea it was going to be used on a party flier, which cannot be done. The school would not want to be seen to be supporting one party, and there is an issue with minors appearing on an election flier.

“Coun. Bailey has done a great deal for the school, as he has for the area. We all make mistakes, we are all human. It is now for the governors to decide what should happen.”