Safety of Colne ‘death trap’ to be heard in court

Oak Mill on Skipton Road before its demolition
Oak Mill on Skipton Road before its demolition
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The outcome of a court hearing tomorrow could legally force the owners of Oak Mill in Colne to secure the site amid growing concerns about its safety.

The demolished mill, in Skipton Road, was knocked down earlier this year and has since drawn up concern about the risk it poses to road users and children in the area.

Wire fences erected to maintain the safety of the site have blown down, with a large amount of debris from the demolition still remaining.

Pendle Council’s Building Control team have been in regular contact with the owners of the site in an attempt to secure the area, even taking their own action in December to remove insecure fencing which surrounded the perimeter.

Planning Manager of Pendle Council, Neil Watson said: “This Thursday, 16 January, we’re in court having applied to the Magistrates’ Court for an order for the site under Section 77 of the Building Act, known as a Section 77 notice.

“If our application is successful, this would mean the site owners have a set period of time - 14 days - to carry out works to make the site safe and secure.

“This is likely to be securing the whole permiter of the site, or completing the demoliton of the mill by levelling the site and taking away dangerous debris.”

Oak Mill was demolished in September of last year following pleas from local residents and Colne Councillor, Jim Kerrigan who labelled it as a “danger” and an “eyesore”.

The site was the former home of Earby Lights Engineers and remained disused for a number of months before falling into a state of disrepair which led to the building’s owners, Gallon Ltd, being handed a fine of £600.

The case will be heard at Burnley Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.