Sales to go through the roof?

Loft Leg
Loft Leg
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COLNE-BASED company Loft Leg Ltd is set to see sales of the innovative product the Loft Leg fly through the roof as home owners prepare their homes to combat the cold weather by insulating their loft space.

Government guidelines outline that home owners should lay 270mm of loft insulation to achieve the maximum efficiency when heating their home and cutting the cost of energy bills.

However, the common problem faced from doing this is the loss of valuable storage that many households rely on.

This is where the Loft Leg plays a crucial part by raising the storage deck above the level of insulation; by doing so it prevents compression of the insulation which research has found will reduce its thermal performance by over 50%.

Manufactured locally from recycled materials the Loft Leg is a simple, lightweight yet highly effective product that assists house owners’ ability to maximise storage and the energy efficiency in their home. The effective performance of the Loft Leg has been recognised by national DIY giants, Wickes.

Managing director Matthew Driver said: “The Wickes launch is a huge opportunity for us. Sales were already going really well but the exposure we will get from a nationally recognised brand is really exciting.”

To assist the expected growth the company have also recently employed marketing graduate Nicola Elliott to co-ordinate and push promotion of the product alongside the launch.

Director Gareth Storey added: “Many people may not be aware but changes in the way rolls of loft insulation are subsidised come into effect in the New Year.

“We therefore estimate sales of insulation will increase in the period from now until then, to which we are ready to capitalise on.”

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