SALTERFORTH: Villagers oppose mobile homes plan

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VILLAGERS are to object to parts of a farmer’s plans to build a fishing lake and 12 mobile homes in Salterforth.

Mr Robert Bradley, who owns Far Hey Farm, has submitted an application to create the tourist spot on his land.

The site, which lies between the farm in Salterforth Lane and the canal, would also accommodate 24 parking spaces and 12 fishing pegs on the lake.

But residents say there is already too much traffic in the village, especially around Salterforth Lane, and this will make a bad situation worse.

It is the third major planning application to have been submitted in Salterforth in the last six months. The other plans are for a £6m. holiday homes site in Moor Lane and a housing development for 70 homes on land between Kelbrook Road and Earby Road.

Sara Bower, from Crossfield Farm in Salterforth Lane, said: “It is a quiet lane but there is already quite a bit of traffic.

“A lot of people walk their dogs and ride their horses and I think it would put a lot of pressure on the lane.

“We’re not opposed to the plans in principle and what he wants to do down there as that wouldn’t affect anybody; it’s just the road which leads to the site.

“If he could find another way to come down from the main road we wouldn’t oppose it at all.

“We would also be concerned about what the development could lead to, if there would then be lots of caravans. We already have a caravan site in Salterforth.

Gail King, owner of Lower Park Marina and Lane Ends Farm on Cross Lane, said: “We have no objections to the development in terms of competition for our business or what he wants to do there but purely the impact on the village.

“In fact it won’t be a village any more.

“It is already chaos and very difficult to park and for big farm vehicles.

“The plans are for 24 car parking spaces for the mobile homes and then there may be any other cars when it’s already very difficult.

“We let people park in our farm yard because we know people have to and we don’t mind.

“Whenever there is a funeral at the cemetery you can’t get through at all. There has already been near misses on the road.

“We’re also concerned about the wildlife we know is on the land other than from the farm that will be disturbed, like lapwings and curlews.

“Although activity at Lower Park Marina is mentioned in the plans we would like to stress we have nothing to do with the farm and also make it clear there is no right of way from this side of the canal over to the farm, which is why the access has to be down Cross Lane.”

Another resident who did not wish to be named said: “We will have to look at the plans to see exactly what route they are planning to use to get down to the site.

But there is already too much traffic on this lane and it already gets quite congested.”

Mr Bradley’s agent at Reedley Town Planning said in the application there will be an access track from Salterforth Lane and the Highways Authority had said there would have to be suitable access from the B6383, including passing places installed along Cross Lane and Salterforth Lane at the developer’s expense.

He continues: “The Transport Statement prepared by Alan Davis of Development and Transport Planning Consultancy demonstrates that for the scale of the development proposed, safe vehicular access can be achieved with relatively minor access improvements.”

Salterforth Parish Council will discuss the plans and hear from residents at a meeting on January 26th. A decision is then due to be made by Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee at the end of March.

Chairman of Salterforth Parish Council, Coun. Jeff Haydock said: “I wouldn’t like to pre-empt what villagers will say at the parish meeting or what issues they will bring up.

“I know the farmer and he is quite ambitious. The development could be attractive to the area with the fishing lake and the mobile homes for tourists.”