School reunion to be held in Foulridge


After years of planning, a school reunion will finally be taking place in Foulridge tonight.

Organised by Louise Radcliffe and Joan Watson, the event will see 55 former Park Secondary Modern students meet at the Cafe Cargo at 7-30pm.

The Class of ‘71 will be travelling from different points around the country and the globe, with some coming from as far as Denmark and the Isle of Man.

Mrs Radcliffe, who has been supported by former students John Catlow and Peter Thompson, said: “The group of people who will be at this reunion left Park Secondary Modern in the summer of 1971.

“Some have seen each other since leaving school but then others haven’t seen anyone since the day they walked through the main gates.”

And according to Mr Catlow, there is a lot of excitement and apprehension in the build up to the big night.

Mr Catlow (57), said: “It is going to be a very interesting night.

“After years of contacting people, it is finally coming to fruition.

“It’s funny, Louise had this vision 14 years ago, and probably had it even before that.

“Across 51 people, there will be a whole host of different stories - we have a solicitor coming from Liverpool and a veteran of the Falklands. It’s going to be a special night for a lot of people.”