Scourge of fly-tipping in beauty spot not being tackled by councils

Some of the rubbish in Southfield Lane
Some of the rubbish in Southfield Lane
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Neighbours living near to a beauty spot say they are disgusted by the scourge of fly-tipping which has blighted the area for too long, and believe nothing is being done to stop it.

Residents of the Catlow area of Nelson said they are fed up with rubbish being dumped in the lay-by in Southfield Lane between the Shooters Arms and the ford going on to Harle Syke.

One of the residents Georgina Wager accused Pendle Borough Council and Lancashire County Council of 'passing the buck' and refusing to take responsibility for the fly-tipping.

More rubbish

More rubbish

She said: “The lay-by is owned by Pendle Council but the land around it where the majority of the rubbish is being dumped is owned by Lancashire County Council.

“Pendle Council will not pick up the rubbish as they claim they do not know who the landowner is so it is left to pile up. As a tax payer, I do not understand why between them some sort of arrangement cannot be made. This is supposed to be a conservation area.

“All these bags of rubbish are open and blowing down the roads and fields. Quite frankly, it’s disgusting and no better than a tip. I have contacted Pendle Council more times than I care to mention and so have other residents.

“We have had everything from a piano to nappies down there. It is like a great big mound. It is so easy to unload rubbish down there because it is in a lay-by. We would like it fenced off to stop people parking their cars there.”

Pendle Council told Leader Times Newspapers that the issue had been referred to Lancashire County Council.

Gary Pearse, head of estates for Lancashire County Council, said: “Thank you for making us aware of this issue. We’re looking into it and we’ll make arrangements to clear the rubbish if it’s on our land.”