Sewage running down streets of Earby

Coun. Morris Horsfield with one of the drains that was shooting sewage four feet into the air during the recent heavy rain.
Coun. Morris Horsfield with one of the drains that was shooting sewage four feet into the air during the recent heavy rain.

AN Earby councillor is calling on Yorkshire Water to act after sewage ran down streets for six days.

Coun. Morris Horsfield has urged the company to do something about a drainage problem in Earby which he says is “getting worse” each time there is significant rainfall.

During the last spell of heavy rain, five drains on New Road, Riley Street, Water Street, Victoria Road and Cemetery Road blew their covers off, causing sewage and drain water to cascade across the streets.

In one case, water shot up to 4ft. in the air and toilet paper, human waste and condoms were washed on to the streets. A smell of drains also lingered around the town for a couple of days.

Coun. Horsfield raised the issue at Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee meeting describing Yorkshire Water as “not fit for purpose”.

He said: “We’ve had a lot of trouble with sewage coming up in Earby. Yorkshire Water are a disgrace actually. They’re supposed to report it to the Environment Agency and they never have done.”

After the meeting, Coun. Horsfield added: “It’s disgusting. Cars are driving through it splashing it on to the pavements. Kids are walking through it on the way home from school and people are walking it into the Co-op store. It’s not on.”

Peter Sellers, Pendle Council’s Drainage Manager, said the issue was not their responsibility. Chairman of the West Craven Committee, Coun. David Whipp, has said a strongly worded letter will be sent to Yorkshire Water.

Pendle Council, with the help of the Earby Flood Group, is currently looking into ways in which it can help alleviate the drainage problem of surface water from the surrounding Earby area.

Six ideas have been mooted and a priority order for the potential work has been established.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “Flooding of any kind is awful and we have every sympathy for those residents who have suffered.

“Due to surface water issues in the town following the prolonged and heavy recent rainfall and snow flurries, our sewers have been overloaded and heavily diluted waste water has discharged from some points.

“This is an issue we take extremely seriously and we’re working with the council, who are the lead flood authority, to look at what can be done to reduce the risk of surface water flooding.”