Sewer improvements will reduce flooding risk

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Families living in a flooding hotspot in Nelson are to benefit from an £350,000 sewer improvement scheme.

Homes in Scotland Road can suffer flooding during periods of heavy rain because the local sewer system is too small to cope. Excess rainwater spills from the sewers onto the highway, into gardens, and in extreme circumstances, into properties.

The new scheme will see United Utilities create a new, larger sewer beneath Scotland Road, running between Fountain Street and Clayton Street.

Several local homes which are vulnerable to internal flooding will be better protected as a result of the scheme, while other households in the area will also benefit from a reduced risk of sewers spilling onto local highways and pavements.

Ahead of construction starting next year, engineers from United Utilities will be carrying out some initial investigation work this year along Scotland Road to determine the position of existing pipes and cables beneath the highway.

This work will start next week and last two weeks. During this work, traffic on Scotland Road will at times be restricted to a single lane, using Stop/Go signs.

United Utilities’ project co-ordinator John Byron said: “This scheme will bring peace of mind to families who have had to put up with the misery of sewer flooding.

“Population growth in Nelson has resulted in more wastewater going into the pipes and fewer permeable surfaces for the rainwater to drain into. Climate change has also led to longer, heavier periods of rain. As a consequence, the sewers and drains in this neighbourhood sometimes struggle to cope.

“By increasing the size of the sewer pipes, we can make sure the network can hold more wastewater, helping to reduce the risk of flooding during rainstorms.

“Once the work begins in earnest early next year, we will be doing everything we can to limit disruption during this important engineering scheme.”