Singing cancer charity in desperate need of a new home

The Sing for Christie's team in action
The Sing for Christie's team in action
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The UK's most famous charity singing team is in desperate need of a new home to continue the sterling work which has seen them raise £600,000 over 13 years.

Song for Christie's was set up 13 years ago by Burnley-born Peter Quinn, who - after receiving treatment at the Christie NHS Cancer Trust in Manchester - wanted to pour his efforts into fundraising after recovering from bowel cancer.

Based above the Craft Cafe Bar in Burnley town centre, Songs for Christie's have just two weeks to find a new home after the building's owner, Thwaites - who have been providing the charity with free premises out of which to work - decided to sell the establishment.

"We're desperate," said Peter (63). "We've got two weeks to find somewhere else - a new home in Burnley. We want to carry on and if we lose our home, what are we going to do?

"Thwaites have been fabulous, I have no qualms at all," he added. "They've really been our sponsor for a long, long time because they've helped us that much. The fact that they're selling is is just unfortunate."

Songs for Christie is the country's best-loved singing charity group, touring across the north to visit and sing in town centres to raise for four cancer charities - The Christie Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust, Children with Cancer, and Cancer Research UK.

"We've raised £600,000 for cancer charities: we're called Songs for Christie's, but other charities saw us and we started fundraising for them as well," explained Peter. "I love it. Singing gives you wings; it's uplifting, it's therapeutic, and music engages with people.

"Some of our singers are five years old: we're unique, it's fabulous and it bring people together."

Run entirely by volunteers, Songs for Christie's is looking for a space - anything from a room above a shop or a small space in an office - out of which they can store their equipment and to complete the admin work necessary to secure council permits for their fundraising efforts.

"We're a little family," said Peter. "It's not about raising money, it's about giving people who are disenfranchised by life an opportunity to be involved and get into a social group - that's the most important thing."

Anyone who can help, please contact Peter Quinn on 07528 454 444