Skate park for Trawden plan

TALKAOKE: Youngsters take part in discussions about a skatepark in Trawden.'Photo Ben Parsons
TALKAOKE: Youngsters take part in discussions about a skatepark in Trawden.'Photo Ben Parsons
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SPORTY youngsters have gathered to share their reasons why Trawden should be given an indoor skate park.

Fronted by mum-of-two Amanda Cunningham, Skate in Trawden is made up of children and parents aiming to get an extreme sports facility in the village.

Nearly 500 signatures of support have been received for the attraction, but residents have raised fears the park would bring noise and anti-social behaviour. This is the third proposal for a skate park in seven years.

At a Talkaoke event at Trawden Community Centre, 15 children and adults explained how they felt the skate park would prevent children playing in the street. Talkaoke is a spontaneous, pop-up talk-show that engages people in interactive chat.

Other positive factors raised included the fact the site would get youngsters away from playing violent computer games, and would help them exercise.

At the fun question-and-answer session, hosted by Mikey Weinkove, Jack Barlow (12) said: “Skate parks get people off the street, and I think it will make Trawden a better place. If the adults put themselves into our shoes, they would want a skate park too.”

George Faulkner (14), who has to get a train to Preston to enjoy his hobby, said: “It will bring trade into the shops. I think we should have a vote in the village.”

Although in its early stages, one area the group are looking at for the skate park is property at Lodge Holme, Skipton Road. It is also hoped the site would include an internet cafe and chill out zone.

Amanda stressed how safety issues remain a priority, how the skate park would promote the use of a helmet and how some sessions would be educational.

She said: “I can sympathise with residents, as I have lived in Trawden for 13 years. I have seen four housing developments in the village. Things change and we have to go with the changes. We are not going to knock down anything to spoil the area. We are trying to make the area better for kids.”

Leader of Pendle Council Coun. Joe Cooney met Amanda to discuss the possibility of the new Trawden attraction.While he understands residents’ concerns, he feels the concept is “interesting”. He explained that Amanda has been given pre-planning advice, and how he has advised her to go to Pendle Council’s Business Support Unit.

He said: “This new type of sport is on the increase. It is a different generation, who have different needs.”

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