Sooty set to sweep into Pendle

Soo Sooty and Sweep (S)
Soo Sooty and Sweep (S)

Slapstick and silliness can be expected in Pendle this April as one of Britain’s most-loved children’s characters sweeps into the borough in his 65th year in show business.

Direct from the hit ITV series, The Sooty Show Live UK Tour will be performed at The Muni on Thursday, April 24th.

It will see the famous glove puppet bear joined by his pals Sweep and Soo as he prepares for his birthday party, and will include plenty of audience participation, magic, and games for all the family.

It has been touring since December, and according to host Richard Cadell has been a “phenomenal success”, selling out all but one of the venues it has visited so far.

Richard, who is on tour for the first time in four years, said: “The TV show is great fun, but we don’t get to see the reaction - it is just me and the camera crew.

“The minute the children see Sooty, there are screams and it is like scoring a goal. It is wonderful.

“The reason Sooty has succeeded for so long is because what we’ve got is so simple. That’s the key to it.

“There is nothing clever about it, parents like it because they remember it, and there is nothing sinister about it. We try and make children laugh, first and foremost, with simple slapstick.”

A highlight of the production actually comes once the curtains have closed, as Richard gives his audience the chance to meet the characters face to face.

This was an idea inspired by The Chuckle Brothers, who the magician used to be a support act for.

Richard added: “The Chuckle Brothers used to say you can’t be part of people’s lives and then walk out of the stage door. It means so much to the kids.”

The Sooty show is the longest running children’s programme in the world. The puppet was initially bought by Harry Corbett for his son Matthew while on holiday in Blackpool in 1948.

Following Harry’s retirement, Sooty was operated by Matthew, but it was in 1998 that then co-star Richard took over the show. He bought the rights in 2008, and has not looked back since.

He said: “I was invited on The Sooty Show as a guest, having won Young Magician of the Year when I was 15.

“I had always been a big fan, but I suddenly appreciated it in a completely different way. Matthew has been supportive of me all the way through the journey.”

Richard added that he is looking forward to bringing Sooty and his pals back to their home county, and hopes that everybody will come along to see his entertaining show.

To buy tickets contact 661234.