Specialist firefighters called out after car hits house

Pen-y-ghent Way, Barnoldswick. Image from Google Street View.
Pen-y-ghent Way, Barnoldswick. Image from Google Street View.
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Specialist firefighters from Central Lancashire had to be called out to an incident in a Barnoldswick cul-de-sac on Sunday when a car struck a house.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue’s Urban Search and Rescue team from Chorley joined a pump from Barnoldswick after the vehicle reversed into the front of a house in Pen-y-ghent Way leaving the driver trapped at approximately 4-50pm.

Firefighters had to free the driver, an elderly man, from the vehicle, and he was taken to Airedale Hospital as a precautionary measure.

The specialist unit was called in to assess whether or not the building’s structure had been compromised in the incident. Firefighters were at the scene for around two hours.

The property’s integrity was given the all clear on inspection and the vehicle was removed using a winch.

Watch Manager Neil Mark said: “The car was backing out of a garage opposite the property and at some point during the manoeuvre has accelerated across the road and into the front of the house.

“The elderly gentleman driving the vehicle was trapped inside but had managed to move himself across to the passenger side.

“The car has damaged a fair portion of the front of the house around the door and had created potential structural issues.

“We called in our Urban Search and Rescue team because of potential issues with the stability of the building after the impact but it was sound.

“The car was removed with a winch and the gentleman taken to hospital for a precautionary check.”