Stark warning after sheep attacked in Colne

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A shocking picture of a sheep covered in blood following an attack is being used to spark awareness of the importance of keeping dogs on a lead.

It is hoped it will make dog owners more aware when crossing farm land, and stop them from letting their pets roam free.

The gruesome photograph comes after the sheep was attacked in fields behind Park High School on Wednesday night - just three days after one sheep was left dead and many more were left injured.

A statement from Stanley House Veterinary Group on Facebook states: “Sorry for the gruesome photo but we just want to highlight what can happen if you let your dog off the lead near sheep or let your dogs wander.

“If you do see a dog attacking sheep and don’t know who the sheep belong to ring the police. It is classed as an emergency and you should call 999.

“I know its not a pleasant photo and sincere apologies if anyone is offended/upset by this - but please share so we can heighten awareness of this problem.”

The sheep pictured was recovering well yesterday, although there were fears it may lose its ear.

More to follow.