Stark warning to Trawden parents

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Parents are being warned that it is “irresponsible and inappropriate” to allow their underage children to camp and drink unsupervised.

The warning from community beat manager PC Nigel Keates comes after approximately 40 12 to 14-year-olds were caught in and around Trawden Recreation Ground over the weekend.

All alcohol was seized and disposed of, and the youngsters were either picked up by relatives or transported home by police.

Although PC Keates is aware that not all children will tell their parents where they are going, he is urging them to remain on their guard. And according to reports he has received from local residents, parents have been spotted dropping their children off at the site in previous weeks.

PC Keates said: “I have better things to do than parent other people’s children.

“It is irresponsible and inappropriate for parents to allow their children to camp out. The children were told to move on and that it won’t be happening again. They were quite polite.”

PC Keates also warned about the dangers of youngsters using Facebook to make arrangements and cited the Dean Street school field as another area where high school pupils have been setting up camp for the night.

He also described how in previous weeks groups out camping have caused damage to a dry stone wall and trees, and how stones used to build fire pits have caused damage to at least two vehicles after they were left in the road.

Since this weekend’s activities, many Facebook users have expressed their concern of children camping in the area.

One person wrote: “My boys camped in the back garden and I was in the tent at that age. Parents should take responsibility and supervise children of that age not let them camp unsupervised anything could happen.”