Street fair to bring back Barnoldswick Gala

A street fair is being held in Barnoldswick on July 25th with the aim of relaunching the town's famous gala event in 2016.
A street fair is being held in Barnoldswick on July 25th with the aim of relaunching the town's famous gala event in 2016.
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A bunch of enthusiastic and proud Barlickers have launched a bid to bring back the town’s famous gala.

Barnoldswick Gala, first held in 1960, was widely regarded to be the best in the region in its a heyday where people flocked from far and wide to attend.

The gala has not been held for 12 years, but with Barnoldswick riding high on the crest of a wave of community good will and high street success, a decision has been made to try and bring it back in August 2016.

Before the event can be resurrected, funds are required and a street fair with the theme “Bringing Barnoldswick Gala Back to the Future” has been set up by the organising committee.

The fair will be held on Saturday, July 25th, from 4pm until 8pm in and around the Town Square and will feature bands, dancers, martial arts, fortune teller, a barbecue, cars, star wars, fair ground rides, stalls, street games, face painting hair spraying and more. Kate Metcalfe said: “Barnoldswick Gala used to be the best Gala in the area. I’m sure we can bring it back.

“We first put the idea out on Facebook, an organising committee got together and the response has been amazing.

“There is so much going on on July 25th with the street fair, it is going to be a brilliant day.”

The much-loved game of spot the card for the children will be held in the town shop windows, which will include a prize and has been sponsored by the Bosom Friends cancer support group.

The first Barnoldswick Gala was held in people’s own back streets with prizes for best dressed man, woman, child and dog.

It expanded to include a parade several years later, moving to Victory Park in the late 1980s, and began to attract celebrities to be the main attraction including Bob Monkhouse, Les Dawson, Les Dennis, Dot Cotton, and even Linda Lusardi one year.

In the 1990s, organisers of the event, Barnoldswick and Earby Round Table, even hired a live elephant to be part of the parade but the Gala was consigned to history when the Round Table disbanded.

Street fair organisers are selling a programme leading up to the day with local business adverts in and volunteers are also being sought for the fair.

Anyone who wants to advertise or get involved can call Kate Metcalfe on 07772 055040 or Sandra Gwinnett on 07807 092887 or via email at