Super-savvy shoppers have all the spending power

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With Christmas just around the corner, there seem to be supermarket price wars going on right now.

While discount retailers Lidl and Aldi have proven successful in attracting increasing numbers of super-savvy shoppers to their stores, it seems the so-called Big Four supermarkets – Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons – are forever trying to win back our custom by introducing new incentives.

Like most retailers, they are offering multiple deals to entice cost-conscious shoppers to buy more than their shopping lists dictate. In the present state of the economy, with people visiting stores less often, spending less per trip and sticking to their shopping lists more closely, the competition to offer compelling deals is stronger than ever.

I used to shop at either Morrisons or Sainsbury’s as they are the two closest supermarkets to my home. However, I now tend to do my research beforehand and shop where there are special offers advertised.

For instance, last week, I did a third of my weekly food shop at Tesco because I had received my clubcard coupons in the post, a third at Morrisons because I happened to go there after work and I bought fresh fruit and vegetables from Aldi.

I know I am not alone. It seems consumers spending patterns are changing for good and supermarkets are now acknowledging this. Due to low food prices offered by Aldi and Lidl, the Big Four have all been forced to cut prices in a bid to encourage shoppers back through their doors.

Morrisons recently launched its own loyalty card. The Match & More card compares items in your basket against other big retailers and if you could have bought your shopping cheaper elsewhere, you’ll be given points on your card.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s Brand Match scheme is similar. If you could have paid less for an identical basket of branded products at another supermarket, you will be given a coupon at the till for the difference.

And there is, of course, the Tesco clubcard where you can enjoy fantastic benefits, offers and rewards in store.

But it seems these incentives are not enough to keep shoppers buying all their groceries from one store. Competition is rife and consumers seem to be paving the way in showing retailers how to shop smart and cook clever.