Teenage toilet vandals to apologise to Earby council


Earby councillors have praised police after a swift response detected vandals who damaged a toilet block in the town.

Vandals struck on New Year’s Day in the new £14,000 toilet block at Earby Bus Station when locks were jammed, the emergency pull switch was broken in one toilet, both baby change facilities were damaged through people sitting on them and toilet rolls were set on fire.

Police were able to quickly identify five children aged 14 and 15 through CCTV footage, however, and four teenagers from Earby and one from Colne are due to apologise to members of Earby Town Council at its meeting tonight.

Councillors estimate the damage caused will cost up to £900 to put right and the children’s parents will offer to foot the bill.

Coun. Morris Horsfield said he was “very pleased” with PC Matt Lunney and PCSO Nicola Sparks.

Coun. Vera Cocker added: “Naturally we, Earby Town Council, are delighted with the speed the police caught up with the vandals and are only too glad we invested in the CCTV cameras.

“It was really quite distressing watching these mindless youths destroying a lot of our hard work to provide a good facility for the residents of and visitors to Earby.”

Sgt Kim De Curtis, from Colne and West Craven Police said: “The Neighbourhood team responded to this mindless damage quickly and worked with the council and local schools and identified the offenders from CCTV footage.

“A investigation has been running since the offence and we are confident a successful resolution is imminent by the way of making interventions with the offending youths and parents.

“We will continue to make this area a policing priority and work with the local authorities to prevent any further incidents, but our planned interventions should send a clear message out to any likely offenders that we will identify them and deal with them robustly.”