Teenager and dog rescued from river

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Two fire crews were called out to Colne yesterday afternoon when a teenager got into difficulty in Colne Water.

Fire engines from Colne and Nelson responded to a report that a boy and his dog were in danger in the water close to Millennium Green off Knotts Lane at 3-15pm.

Both the boy and dog were approximately 10ft. down the bank wall in the water and ere unable to get out of the river.

Two firefighters wearing dry suits, with flotation devices and using throw lines entered the water to rescue them both.

The child and his dog were rescued and the youngster was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Crew manager Clare Dutton said: “The water was fast moving and very cold and not accessible without the specialist equipment and skills.

“Both the boy and dog were quickly rescued by the two firefighters and brought to the safety of the bank.

“Despite being very cold and frightened, neither the boy nor dog had any further injuries but were taken to hospital.”

Crew manager Dutton added: “The public are asked to take extra care when walking their dogs alongside rivers and streams as the currents are often very strong and they will potentially be swept away.

“We also urge the public to not enter swollen or fast moving rivers to assist animals, they must call 999 for specialist assistance.”