The huge flood of Barrowford: 1967

UTTER DEVASTATION: The great Barrowford Flood of 1967. (S)
UTTER DEVASTATION: The great Barrowford Flood of 1967. (S)

It’s back in time to the year of the great Barrowford Flood, with an excellent picture captured by my good friend and Royal Mail colleague Ian Gresty.

Ian, now retired having been promoted to postman-higher-grade, was back in August 1967 the postman on the Higherford walk duty when the cataclysmic flash-flood caused utter devastation to the villages of Barrowford and Higherford. Dateline: Tuesday, August 8th, 1967 and all along Gisburn Road hundreds of homes had to be baled out as the raging torrent swept through the picturesque villages.

Here in Ian’s exclusive picture, taken the day after the maelstrom, we see the huge boulders and tree branches piled up outside the ancient Crowtree’s Cottages in Barleydale Road.

It was many months before the sheer tumultuous day of the great Barrowford Flood’s aftermath was cleared away and for those who were there back then, it’s a time they’ll never, ever forget.