Thoughtful trio spreading smiles in Colne

RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS: An envelope is left in Colne for a stranger to open (S)
RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS: An envelope is left in Colne for a stranger to open (S)
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A thoughtful trio from Colne are spreading smiles by leaving small gifts for residents.

The group, who wish to remain anonymous, carry out “Random Acts of Kindness” including leaving parcels with a chocolate and a tea bag in various places around the town, or hiding a scratchcard for someone to test their luck.

The presents have “Please Open Me” written on them, and have a small note inside offering suggestions of how they too can help brighten someone’s day.

Other innovative gestures include leaving a full loyalty card in a coffee shop, so the next customer can enjoy a free brew, or giving a randomly selected person some flowers.

One of the women, who brought the idea to Colne around 18 months ago, said: “I am not 100% how I latched on to the idea, but I think it has come over from America.

“I thought it was a good idea, so started doing bits of things, and it turned into three of us.

“It is great fun and it is nice to make people smile.”

The woman added that a surprising number of passers-by will ignore the parcels, but that their reward comes from the touching stories of how they have managed to help people.

She said: “We were in Colne centre once and we put a parcel on the market cross with a message on the front saying ‘Open Me’.

“We started talking, and we were laughing at the amount of people who stopped, looked at it, and never picked it up.

“We explained why we were laughing to a woman from Co-op and she said they had a lady come in to cash a scratchcard for £5 she had found in the library. She was so grateful, as she could buy her bread and milk. I was so choked up, and it makes it so worthwhile.”

Another member of the trio added: “I do little things all the time, so there are lots of little tales.

“If I have Christmas gift sets or things I don’t want, I will carry them around with me in my bag, and if it is something somebody could do with, I give it to them.

“One lady came into work and mentioned a bag she was after, and I said I had got one as a birthday present, and I didn’t really want it. She said she would buy it, but I gave it to her.

“It is nice promoting a bit of happiness.

“Last week in the coffee shop I was sat there and somebody came up to me to give me a flower out of a bunch – it does make your day.”