Time to end North Valley Road traffic misery

Traffic on the busy North Valley Road.
Traffic on the busy North Valley Road.
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The news we could be a step closer to a bypass from Colne to Foulridge with a link directly off the motorway has to be welcomed by anyone who has ever been caught up in the daily traffic chaos that is North Valley Road, Colne.

For more than two decades, this has been something everyone has seen the sense in, but nobody has got round to doing anything about.

And while 2021 – the date we are expecting the new road to be finalised – may seem a long way away, it is still a step in the right direction.

The North Valley Road area of Colne boasts a vibrant retail are, but how many people are put off using it because of the daily grind of traffic jams?

This new road should leave that area of Colne to those who need to access it and everyone else can move towards the destinations with much more ease.

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