Took dad’s car to help friend in ‘emergency’

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A son took his dad’s car without consent when his friend’s partner began to give birth in Burnley, a court heard.

Kamran Akbar (21), of Bird Street, Brierfield, is said to now be “building bridges at home” following the incident on September 16th.

Pennine magistrates heard how Akbar was followed by an officer as he travelled at 80mph on the M65 at around 12-30am.

He was said to have slowed down to around 40mph before exiting the motorway, when the officer then activated his car’s sirens. He carried on driving along Princess Way, and turned left onto March Street.

Following the incident, the defendant pleaded guilty to four counts - taking a vehicle without the consent of the owner, driving a vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence, using a vehicle on a road/in a public place without third party insurance, and failing to stop a mechanically propelled vehicle when required to do so by a constable/traffic warden.

Mr Daniel Frazer (defending) said that Akbar had taken the car to help his friend, whose partner was giving birth.

He admitted that Akbar could have used another method of transport to get to the March Street area, but that he took the decision to take the car because of “the emergency”.

Mr Frazer said: “His father was not very impressed with him as you can imagine. This is a six-week-old offence and he is still building bridges at home.”

Akbar must now complete a 36-hour senior attendance centre requirement and pay £85 in costs and a £60 victim surcharge.