Training programme for Pendle high schools

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Pupils at Colne Primet High School have been taking part in a VO6 training programme which has, in fact, involved all six Pendle secondary schools.

The pupils at Primet have completed a 12-week course, which included taking an NCFE Certificate in Creative Craft with Wood. They also completed BTEC in work skills.

All the pupils have made a wooden folding stool. They have been using a brand new £35,000 CNC Router machine as well as using hand and power tools. This course has enabled the pupils to achieve a quality piece of work, as well as showing that they can work as part of a team.

With support and guidance from Mr Nickson and Mrs Sagar, the pupils have familiarised themselves with woodworking materials, resources, tools and equipment.

Using given starting points, the pupils were encouraged to explore different materials and techniques for making the folding stool and explored the visual and the tactile qualities of them.

At the end of the unit, the pupils developed sufficient skills and knowledge to allow them to take ideas forward for development. The pupils also covered Health and Safety procedures. Mr Nickson said the pupils all worked very well together, and it introduced them to how working to deadlines and working together is very important.

This vocational course held at Primet will continue to benefit other pupils in the Pendle district over the next years.