BARNOLDSWICK: ‘Near miss’ as low-flying helicopter avoids power lines

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A LOW flying helicopter caused concern when it narrowly avoided houses in Hodge Lane, Barnoldswick.

Coun. David Whipp wants residents to contact him if they have been affected.

He said: “The helicopter had to avoid power lines and fly between houses. It was so low it set car alarms off.

“This is the second time in a year residents in that area have witnessed a near miss from low flying aircraft. They are concerned there could be a tragic accident if low flying craft continue to fly too low.

“I’m arranging for the issue to be discussed at the next meeting of West Craven’s area committee and would be interested to hear if anyone else has witnessed similar incidents. I think everyone supports the need for low level training but it does need to be as safe as possible.”

Contact Coun. Whipp on 666777 or by emailing